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Toll Payment

When you are preparing to pay the toll, follow the signs, enter the lane with the toll payment method you have chosen. On entering the motorway, if you are not using the Telepass payment system, take the ticket issued by the automatic ticketing machine by pressing the button. The ticket is required for calculating your toll at your exit from the motorway, then store it in a safe place so as not to lose it. You can see the amount you are required to pay on the display located outside the toll collector cabin. You can receive a receipt by pressing on the specific button. Non payment of the toll or non submission of the ticket will be fined as indicated in Art. 176 of the Italian Road Code. You can pay toll in cash (in Euros or major foreign currencies) or using any of the various kinds of credit or debit cards at the tollbooths equipped for this service as indicated by the signs. Should you have any trouble in paying at the booth, do not leave your vehicle for any reason whatsoever, but call for assistance by pressing the specific button. Do not cross on foot the station yards or any of the other areas reserved for vehicle circulation. The toll amount depends on the travelled distance, the km-based tariff (fixed in the contract regulating the Concessionaire activity) and on the vehicle class.

Five classes do exist, in which the vehicles allowed along the motorways are classified. Special classification can be adopted in special cases, such as Alpine tunnels or urban motorways.
The toll amount is calculated multiplying the km travelled and the unit tariff, also adding taxes and additional burdens according to the laws in force.
Several motorways and tunnels Concessionaires make available, in their websites¸ information or software apt to calculate in advance the toll amount for the chosen route.

Available web-sites with on-line information about tolls:

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How to pay the toll

VIACARD: Viacard is the motorway toll payment system that uses a magnetic card. The following types of card are available:

  • Bank Account Viacard: it is a credit card that debits the tolls to be paid every month on the holder's current account. The holder receives at home the invoice with the detailed listing of all toll passages indicated in chronological order. You can ask for it directly at the Motorway companies or at the counters of participating banks. The Bank Account Viacard is also distributed by Bankamericard, CartaSì, Diners, DKV, Topcard-BNL, Unicard, Service companies and Road Cargo Carrier associations.
  • Prepaid Viacard: it is a holder prepaid magnetic card that can be purchased for 25, 50 or 75 Euros at all Società Autostrade per l'Italia tollbooths, at the Punto Blu service points distributed all along the network, in the Autogrill motorway restoration areas, in ACI offices, in several banks and most tobacco shops, newspaper stands, fuel stations and other types of shops. Abroad, the Prepaid Viacard is sold by participating Automobile Club and Touring Club offices in Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany, France, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. The Viacard System is operational throughout the entire Italian toll motorway network.

ATIVA CARD, SAV CARD: These bank account cards are operational throughout the entire interconnected network except in the following motorway sections: Turin-Bardonecchia, Milan-Varese, Lainate-Como-Chiasso, Mestre-Triestre, Palmanova-Udine-Tarvisio, Portogruaro-Pordenone, Venice-Belluno, Rome-Civitavecchia, Naples bypass road.

VIACARD and TELEPASS assistance network : Motorway users have at their disposal, a Viacard and Telepass information and assistance network consisting of the Punto Blu service centres and the commercial offices of the concessionaire companies along the entire Italian motorway system.

FASTPAY: This system allows the toll payment with Bancomat cards without additional commission costs and without entering the PIN code. Fastpay is operational throughout the entire national toll network.

CREDIT CARDS: Main credit cards are accepted for toll payment throughout the entire national network of automatic tollbooths.

TELEPASS: This toll payment system is reserved for Bank Account Viacard customers; it allows to pay toll by driving through the dedicated lanes without stopping the vehicle at the gate. The Telepass lane equipment dialogues directly with the unit installed on board your vehicle. As the vehicle drives through, the toll is directly debited to the Viacard owner bank account. This service is currently operational in 99% of the Italian toll motorway system.

Telepass Family: Based on the same electronic principle of Telepass, Telepass Family is now available to private users. The only difference consists in the payment method, whereby the toll is debited every three months. For further information on Viacard and Telepass, phone the toll-free number: 800-269 269.