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AISCAT Associates

The effective Members are companies and consortia that own a concession for the construction and the operation or a concession just for the operation of toll motorways and tunnels in Italy.

Effective Members are currently managing more than 4,800 kilometres of motorways, out of nearly 7,000 kilometres of the whole Italian motorways network. In the framework of the National transport system, toll motorways network in Italy represents the 3% of the primary road network, bearing at the same time almost the 25% of the traffic.

The effective Members are 18

The associated Members are:

a. Companies, entities and consortia that, having as objective, under their By-Laws, the construction and the operation or only the operation of motorways and tunnels in concession, asked the Granting Authority the concession for operating these infrastructures and did not yet got the concession. The associated Members can also having been awarded with a concession for a stretch of motorway not yet in operation.

b. Companies, entities and consortia whose activities are connected with the construction and the operation of motorways and tunnels in concession.

The associated Members are 6.